The Party’s Over – “Easy” Ends Here: 7.53 Miles

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If your social calendar calls for a party the night before your long run, you should either (a) exhibit some form of self-control, or (b) consider staying home.  If you were to guess that I went “off the board,” a la The Joker’s Wild, you would be absolutely correct.

When attending a party, you are generally at the mercy of whoever is providing the food, unless you have the forethought to bring along something that is sensible fuel for a distance runner.  However, since the goal of a party is to actually have fun, I decided against that.  As you might imagine, the grub at our little throw-down was all delicious, but not precisely what I should be putting in my body on a Friday night.  Several handfuls of cashews, a couple dozen shrimp, an incredibly awesome sausage and pepper sandwich, and three (or was it four?) bottles of Victory Golden Monkey; for my money, the best beer on the planet.  Oh, and birthday cake.

Saturday morning, I wasn’t able to set out until 10:00 or so, which left me plenty of time to “eliminate” the detritus of the previous night’s debauchery.  Trust me – that was not something I wanted “knocking at my back door,” three or four miles from home.  Hal Higdon told me I needed to log seven miles, so I took off with the appropriate route committed to memory, only to remember too late that the damned access road at Trenton Mercer Airport is still out of commission.  So, I did a little bit of improvisation, in hopes that I would not leave myself short; ultimately, I left myself long, by just over a half mile.  The weather was just about as nice as one could hope for in late August; a nice preview of the early autumn weather that will make my training life that little bit easier.

Checking my time when I finished, I was hopeful that I did eight miles or more, but alas.  However, the energy level was good, and nothing hurt.  I will put that one in the win column, and move on.

Thus concludes my last Saturday run of “easy,” single-digit mileage, until the final taper week in November.  Shit gets serious, starting next week.  Friday nights as I’ve known them all these years are over, until Thanksgiving.  I am a little bit afraid of what my weekends will look like, now that the next ten weeks will feature anything from a half marathon to 20 miles.  Will I be of any use to anyone when I’m not running?  As supportive as my wife is of my ridiculous little hobby, I am expected to be a full participant in my family, which includes doing everything that would normally be expected of me, were I a sedentary slob (as opposed to the highly active slob I currently am).  Not that I would want it any other way, but I’m just wondering how I will physically survive it.


2 thoughts on “The Party’s Over – “Easy” Ends Here: 7.53 Miles

  1. I’m so excited to find you writing again! Just today, I was wondering what happened…and to HR, too. I miss your way with words. But the running thing is confounding to me. I should probably consider taking it up, too, but I could never, ever motivate myself, even if a lion or hippo were after me. It’s not that I’m ready to die. It’s just my escape would be futile. But I’m hoping you’ll inspire me. You are not obese, though. And I hope you don’t have any more toenail trouble.

  2. Aw, shucks. Well, I think I explain myself pretty well in my introductory post, but really? I’m not sure how I got here, either – I just finished 12 miles an hour ago. I got up at 5:30. On a Saturday. And ran 12 miles. Let that sink in – I am in-SANE. I initially took up running when I lived in Trenton, but it mostly just pissed me off (I literally rolled my ankle on a discarded chicken bone once), and it got to the point that I would rather drive to Veterans Park in Hamilton to get a few miles in, rather than suffer the various indignities associated with running in Trenton. Which was bullshit, so I gave it up. Anyway, I’m glad you stopped to read this. Miss you!

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