A Half of One: Aftermath

The Boy woke up a little bit before I got home from today’s run, so I excused Lady Legs-o-Lead, so that she might finish her sleep.  I started my post-run recovery by sitting on the couch, watching a Curious George DVD, eating a toasted bagel with peanut butter, and drinking three cups of coffee.  You have to replenish those fluids.

A few hours later, I folded myself into my Volkswagen Jetta and drove the 45 miles to Philadelphia International Airport.  Creaking out of my low-end German import, I felt ninety years old.  Just missing the cut for a standby seat on an earlier flight, I had an hour to kill.  Because Terminal F at PHL sucks donkey dong (even more so than the rest of that ghastly airport), there was nowhere to sit.  Which was probably a blessing in disguise; who knew if I would be able to get up?  I stood near a recycling bin for an hour, feeding it sections of The New York Times as I finished skimming them; I was too tired to read.  The flight attendant would thank me.

I boarded a Canadair Regional Jet, the passenger cabin of which was likely engineered by a midget with a vicious mean streak; I mean, what the FUCK?!?  Using this aircraft for a flight of more than 250 miles should be a felony, but I digress.  After two hours on this medieval torture device with wings, I disembarked in Indianapolis, hobbled into a rental car, and drove two hours to Fort Wayne.

Thankfully, my rental car had a satellite radio, so I rocked out to “Hair Nation” for all 130 miles of this road-tripper’s paradise.  Faster Pussycat, anyone?  Arriving at the Fort Wayne Marriott, I dumped my gear and treated myself to a succulent plate of barbecue pulled pork, and a sufficient quantity of red, red wine.

I might be wrong on this, but this could be exactly how NOT to recover from a 13.1 mile run.  To get back on the schedule, I owe myself four miles before the crack of dawn, but I am already stiff as a board.  I don’t think this will end well.


2 thoughts on “A Half of One: Aftermath

  1. For after next run: Y-O-G-A. sigh…why won’t anyone believe me?

    For you when you awake:
    -Hot shower to loosen up muscles.
    -Leg swings, lunges, squats for dynamic warm-up.
    -Just because of this post, and for punishment that I am reading your blog at midnight intead of finishing my biostats homework which will ultimately lead me to a higher degree, salary, and overall well-being, where the hell are my priorities?!?, I will still get up at 4 and run my hill intervals just for you.

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