Accessorizin’! Nathan Trail Mix 4 Fuel Belt

There are lots of opinions out there surrounding the use of fuel belts on long runs.  Put me down for a “Hell Yes.”  It’s well established that I have no problem looking like a thoroughbred dork while I’m out pounding the pavement, so wearing this thing is definitely not a stretch for me.  About the only minor complaints I have are that carrying 2-3 pounds of water around my waist takes a little bit of getting used to (yet the 20-25 pounds of fat I carry around my waist is no big deal; go figure…), and the belt tends to loosen itself a bit when there are 3-4 full bottles on it, requiring the occasional (easy) on-the-fly adjustment.  However, words cannot adequately express how much better I feel in the throes of a 1.5+ hour run, with ample water and fuel within arm’s reach.

‘Tis better to be a well-hydrated doofus, than to look cool (yes, a most relative and charitable term) and be thirsty, sez me.


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