Happy October: 12 Miles

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I can’t say I was upset to dial it back a bit, after getting through my first 16 last week.  Monday was a hell of a nice 4-miler, coming in at a solidly sub-9:00 pace.  I would then jet off for a three nights in lovely Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I would need to put in eight miles on Wednesday, followed by a fiver on Thursday.

I had logged about 25 prior miles in Summit City, and let me just say that while I’m sure my choice of route had been a factor in this, and I really do like the city on the whole…but, wow; what a shitty place to get your work done.  Very busy surface streets with few sidewalks, and virtually no shoulders – likely a by-product of a city of over a quarter million having no freeway system whisking people to and from the downtown core.  Some douchebag actually threw a pizza crust at me from a moving car, about 6 weeks ago.  Oh well.  Could have been a rock or a beer bottle.

Thankfully, I finally listened to some local colleagues who happen to be hardcore runners, and took advantage of a park trail on the north side of town.  I’m not a big fan of tight loops; reason being, if I’m attempting to log a bunch of miles, I don’t need a easy chance to bail out and get in my car every 15 minutes or so.  However, the 1.7-mile loop in Salamon Farm Park was just big enough to not be boring, and the terrain was much less flat than I thought it would be, so that’s my new running spot in Fort Wayne.  I couldn’t get out there until after work on Wednesday, so I postponed Thursday by one day, knowing I had a “short” long run on Saturday.

Saturday’s 12-miler was what it was.  My god I hate when people say that, but anyway.  I was probably a little off, having run the day before, but overall, it felt quite nice.

Six weeks ‘til Philly.  So help me.


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