SLoB Facts!

Sir Legs-o-Lead of Birmingham (SLoB) is a very poorly accomplished runner from West Trenton, NJ.

He has completed two half marathons, with a personal best of 2:12:09 in the 2012 St. Luke’s Half Marathon.

He is probably too fat to be training for a marathon, but only the coroner will know for sure.

He enjoys beer, meat, wine, fried everything, Irish whiskey, hot dogs, oatmeal, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, really – almost anything that has some kind of animal in it, watermelon, those Biscoff cookies you get in first class on USAirways, and other delights too numerous to mention.

He can’t get enough of people he hasn’t spoken with in over 20 years, sharing the insipid mundanities of their boring lives on facebook.  (Yay, you’re at Dunkin Donuts!  Good for you!)

He reads the New York Times every Saturday and Sunday, and therefore realizes that everything you read in this blog might actually be considered interesting by a large number of people, if only he lived in Brooklyn.  But alas, he’s merely a hick, a suburban bore from Central Jersey.

His wife and son are the most amazing people in the world, and are owed an eternal debt of gratitude for putting up with all of his marathon training bullshit.

He is employed in the clinical research industry, and is therefore directly responsible for how much money your prescription medications cost.


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